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City Creek Center

Salt Lake City was getting a new mall Downtown and it needed the right unveiling. The solution: A larger-than-life campaign that combined high-end design with a modern look.

With the City Creek Center logo already locked in, it was going to be no fun to design around the not-so-horrible looking logo. So we decided to “embrace the beast” and put the logo front and CENTER. Center became the theme behind this campaign. The mall is literally at the center of the city and the “it” at the center of the the word “city” became the center of the campaign.

After that it was just a matter making the right impression. With a combination of modern design, bright colors, and Building sized billboards, the new City Creek Center was born.

Snap Advances

Snap Advances is a company that makes capital available for fueling small business growth. Tasked with directing testimonial videos and photoshoots, we sent a team out to interview some of their best clients. I worked as the Art Director in creating a cohesive testimonial style and finding the best shots for the photographer. The result is stylized video and photography that captures real affect that Snap Advances has had in each of these businesses.

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University of Utah Healthcare Convergence

Designing and Art Directing the same publication 3 years in a row could become tedious. Luckily the folks behind the U of U Healthcare Neurosciences’ annual report, Convergence, allowed us creative freedom to make each year’s issue more distinct and interesting from the year before. Working directly with the photographer on-site during the shoots and then working hands on in the layout design of the publication, allowed me create interesting visuals year after year.

Deseret Industries 80th Anniversary

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Imagine you are living 100 years in the future. You have all kinds of inventions that have shaped your life. Who created those marvels?

We wanted to play off the idea of the new way of telling time Nooka style by telling the past of the future (very meta). So, we invented inventors and told their story of the future (and how Nooka shaped their lives) as if it were the past. Apologies if your head exploded a little.



For the Palateer who believes greatness is in the process, Häagen-Dazs offers the perfectly crafted ice cream. Traveling to food festivals all over, we would make Haagen-Dazs ice cream on the spot using that particular food.

The ads would have been hand painted works of art featuring a flavor of Haagen-Dazs. The idea behind the billboards is that they would be painted over a period of time with the logo only being revealed upon completion.